7 Success Tips for Back to School Nutrition

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7 Success Tips for Back to School Nutrition

Article by Robin De-Ivy Allen of Necessary Nutrition

Can you believe it is August? School is just around the corner for the little ones, and the beginning of school can be a great time to start new routines for your children. Check out these helpful tips for improving your child’s nutrition from Riverside’s own Robin De-Ivy Allen, Certified Nutrition Specialist and the co-founder of Necessary Nutrition ! Boy eating peach

7 Success Tips for Back to School Nutrition

As parents we are responsible for providing a foundation in which our children can thrive and achieve excellence.  One important area we must pay close attention to is the nutritional needs of our children.  We live in a time where the consumption of sugar and processed foods are on the rise.  Our children are consuming far too many empty calories that do not support healthy growth and development.

Here are 7 Success Tips for “Back to School Nutrition”

  • Start the day with a power packed breakfast.  Research shows that children who regularly eat breakfast have better test scores, better behavior and are less hyperactive than children who skip breakfast.  Breakfast could include eggs, whole wheat toast and fruit or a protein smoothie with fruit and yogurt.
  • Find out what your child is eating at school.  Many schools offer fast food and other poor-quality foods alongside the usual lunch selections.  Pack nutritious lunches they will enjoy.
  • Limit the purchase of processed, packaged foods.  Begin to read labels; you may be surprised by the sugar, sodium and other additives in the most common foods we bring into the kitchen.
  • Provide your child with balanced meals that include a protein, a vegetable and a starch.
  • Check your child’s bowel pattern.  It’s critical that they are eliminating daily.  If they are not, this is a signal that they are not consuming enough fiber.
  • Supplement their diet with a multivitamin and mineral.
  • Be the example.  It’s hard to ask our children to embrace eating for nutritional value if we as parents do not.

Following these simple steps will start your child off to a great school year.


Robin De-Ivey AllenRobin De-Ivy Allen is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and the co-founder of Necessary Nutrition, in Riverside.  She has helped thousands of people increase their energy level, vitality and overall well-being.  Visit www.Necessary-Nutrition.com for nutrition tips and the free audio Key Secrets to Build and Repair Your Body.