And First Place Goes To…

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And First Place Goes To…

Congratulations to all the contestants who participated in the 2014 Start R.I.G.H.T. Challenge!


We are proud to announce our winners for this year’s 12-week Start R.I.G.H.T.  Challenge! Winning for overall weight-loss and recipient of this year’s $500.00 goes to Randall Salmon, with his amazing overall 31.2 pounds and 5 inches lost, it accounts for an overall 11% weight-loss.  He participated in 15 Living and Eating Right workshops throughout the 12-weeks and was physically active at least twice per week.  Congratulations Randall you’re amazing and been an advocate for others getting involved in this year’s challenge!

Lanna Goffman, is this year’s winner of $300.00 for being most physically active participant during the Challenge.  During the 12-weeks, she spent more than 20 hours per week being physically active, participating in numerous activities throughout the city, she  hiked, walked, swam, ran, strength trained, bicycled and did cardio.  She achieved greatness and deserves applause for participating in more than 187 hours and 747 miles of physical activity!!!  Wow!!!

This year we had a close running for the participant that participated in the most Living and Eating Right activities, this year Anita Inzunza is our winner of $300.00 for engaging in the most educational opportunities offered, she attended 17 educational sessions.  She was also successful in weight-loss losing 6 pounds, ½ inches (6%).  Congratulations to everyone, you all are amazing.

Riverside Is Getting Healthy Together!!!  Stay on track Riverside, remember you can continue to utilize resources, recipes, tools and tips on the website!  Hope you all join in next year’s Challenge stay tuned for more information.

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