Eastside Community Garden

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Eastside Community Garden

Submitted by Eastside Community Garden Advocate

Eastside Community Garden Photo

A photo of the Eastside Community Garden. Taken from the Eastside Community Garden Facebook page.

Hey Eastside Residents, did you know there was a community garden in your neighborhood?

“Letting Eastsiders know that we are here, gives them one more step toward healthy living. And gardening is fun too!” said Jane, one of many advocates for the Eastside Garden.

Below are a few links about the Eastside Community Garden:

Here is its Facebook page with some photos of recent activities…


And this video shows the garden in the background…


“We are located at the rear of Emerson Elementary School.  There is a walk-thru gate in the community, at the end of Vasser Drive, just off of Chicago Ave. which is open at any time, ” said Jane. “Come see us!”



Map of Emerson Elementary School

The marker on this map represents Emerson Elementary School. You can enter the garden at the rear of the school by using Vassar Dr.