Healthy Foods: Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Bite

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Healthy Foods: Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Bite

By Robin Allen, Certified Nutrition Specialist 

There is a big push in our society to reduce obesity. Or is there?  Lots of new foods and snacks are being created and marketed as “healthy”.   Many of these so called “healthy” foods do very little to conquer the major challenges that confront us, which is obesity, illness and disease.  Don’t believe the hype.


What is Nutrition?

It’s important to understand nutrition.  When we eat our cells look to extract nutrients from the food in order to build and repair our bodies and keep our immune system intact.  Whenever we consume items that have little to no nutritional value, we are leaving our body void of the essential nutrients needed for growth and maintenance.  Let’s say for example you enjoy a 100 calorie snack pack of Oreo Cookie Crisps, you may have satisfied a personal craving, yet you did not provide your body with any nutrition to work with.  Illness and disease develop over time when we do not provide our body with what is needed to grow, in addition to consistently feeding ourselves foods that create acid and imbalance within us.

Key Questions to Consider Before You Enjoy Your Next “Healthy” Food or Snack


  • Does this “healthy” food come in package?
  • Does this “healthy” food have added sugar?
  • Is this item made with artificial flavors, colors or sugar?
  • Is this item marketed or promoted on television or in ads?

If you answered ‘YES” to all questions above, consider rethinking your selection.  This food or snack may not be the best choice for healthy nutrition.  Consider replacing these items with whole foods that are naturally created from the earth.

The more we eat based on nutritional value, the more we will thrive and be well.  Being well means we have a clear, focused mind and we are free from obesity, illness and disease.

Robin Allen, Certified Nutrition Specialist is the founder of the Necessary Nutrition Academy.  She creates nutrition programs and educational classes designed to help others use food and nutrition to take their health and wellness to the next level of excellence. For more information about Robin or the Necessary Nutrition Academy visit  For questions email her at