Hey! I love your…duct tape?

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Hey! I love your…duct tape?

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There’s no such thing as useless knowledge- as proven by this great article from Women’s Day about the wonder of duct tape!

Article via http://www.womansday.com/

We Love Duct Tape!

Now that the handiest “tool” in the house is popping up in dozens of colors and patterns, there’s even more you can do with it. Our favorite ideas:

1Accessorize your outfit

Search Pinterest.com for all kinds of project ideas, from zebra-striped purses to rings made of duct tape rosettes.

2Rehab a flea market find

Skip the spray paint—use tape to disguise a scratched dresser drawer, liven up a dull mirror frame or cover torn upholstery with a colorful patchwork.

3. Organize your pantry

Add strips of tape to dry-goods containers, then use a Sharpie or an erasable whiteboard marker to note the contents or purchase date.

4. Laminate your beach pass

Use waterproof clear duct tape to cover both sides of your beach permit, fishing license or parks pass so it will survive the summer.

5. Settle disputes in pickup games

To avoid arguments, mark off the three-point line for your driveway basketball court or the goals for street hockey.

Did You Know?

“Duck” or “duct”?

Duct tape was originally made for U.S. Army use with a green cotton duck backing. When soldiers brought it home and used it to make repairs such as connecting heating ducts, it was manufactured in silver and called duct tape.

It’s a lifesaver!

The Apollo 13 astronauts used duct tape to fit the square carbon dioxide filters from their broken command module into the round receptacles in the lunar module so there would be enough oxygen to get home. It worked!