UPCOMING CLASS: How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally

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UPCOMING CLASS: How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally

via Necessary Nutrition

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Riverside, CA–The Necessary Nutrition Academy presents:  How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally.  This class will take place Saturday, July20th, 10:00am at 3985 University Ave, Riverside, CA.  Registration is $20 and includes lunch. To register call 951-259-5198 or visit www.Necessary-Nutrition.com.

Participants will discover ways to satisfy their cravings for sweets using natural, whole foods and receive an introduction to new recipes, healthy alternative sweeteners and dessert ideas.  Participants will also find out which illnesses and diseases thrive on sugar and how to avoid them.

The instructor for the evening will be May Tom, Nutrition Expert of Loma Linda University.

The Necessary Nutrition Academy offers monthly educational classes and programs. Necessary Nutrition collaborates with skilled professionals in the fields of health, wellness and personal development in order to offer comprehensive programming; including classes, workshops and nutritional counseling.  For a complete list of upcoming classes and events visit www.Necessary-Nutrition.com.