Water Aerobics and Synchronized Swimming Classes in Riverside!

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Water Aerobics and Synchronized Swimming Classes in Riverside!

A great way to workout and stay cool this summer!

Article by: Linda Hicks, Riverside Aerobic and Water Aerobic Instructor

Linda Hicks leads a water aerobics class. Photo Credit: Press Enterprise, 2010


The City of Riverside in partnership with the Riverside AQuettes and the Parks & Recreation Department is offering water aerobics classes at Shamel Pool on Arlington Avenue in the city of Riverside. It’s all about having fun and getting fit!

Water has been proven to be one of the best places to exercise. It is gentle on the joints, yet has enough resistance to challenge your muscles. The water pressure helps blood flow and decreases swelling. The success stories at Shamel pool are numerous and encouraging to anyone who is trying to recover from injuries or ailments.

This type of exercise provides a lot of variety with steady state cardio, intervals, pyramids, and circuit training. We have resistance equipment if you would like to increase intensity. The classes will help you develop muscular flexibility, strength and endurance.

Almost anyone can participate. We have stairs to enter the pool and a lift if you need it. It is best if you are comfortable in the water, but swimming ability is not a requirement. You may choose to work out in the shallow or deep water depending on your physical condition. You must be 18 or older and have your doctor’s permission to participate.

The best part is that we have fun! We play hard, but have plenty of time to meet people and enjoy each other’s company. You can go at your own pace and choose the exercises that benefit you the most.

As a partner with Riverside AQuettes, we also offer Master Synchronized swimming classes. This is for anyone who wants to learn how to do the basics of water ballet in the water. It is a fantastic core workout! These will be held at the Sippy Pool during the Summer.

Finally, for all of those who like their head under water, there is lap swimming. You may swim laps any time Linda Hicks is at Shamel Pool. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we arrive at 7:30am and you may stay until 9:30 am.

Summer classes are Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 am and 6:00 pm. The Friday class is at 8:30 am. Classes are $3 each.

For more information please call Linda Hicks at (951)515-5597.

Linda HicksLinda Hicks has been teaching water aerobics for 19 years and aerobics for 30 years. She has been with Riverside AQuettes for 2 years and has been teaching classes at Riverside Community College for 9 years. She loves helping people reach their personal best.