Why Workplace Wellness?

Work Right

The research is in and the results are conclusive. Taking simple steps to improve your employees’ health can DRASTICALLY reduce your organization’s health care costs. In fact, the CDC says companies will save $3 to $6 for every dollar they invest in employee wellness. CEOs are demanding lower health care costs and wellness programs are the cheapest, easiest ways to get there. So where to start?

Statistics show that Wellness Programs can have a real impact in helping employees with making important lifestyle changes. Healthcare costs will continue to rise, but employers can make a difference and reduce utilization by helping employees to get healthier.

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Getting Started

Steps to Wellness: A Guide to Implementing the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in the Workplace – provides employers interested in establishing or expanding their wellness programs with easy and understandable steps on how to increase the physical activity of employees in the workplace.

Wellness for Your Business – This PowerPoint provides strategies to build a wellness program, ideas for a low cost plan and samples of wellness tools and strategies to help make your business wellness plan a success.

Organizational Culture

Essential Elements of Effective Workplace Programs – This document, a key part of Total Worker Health™, is intended as a guide for employers and employer-employee partnerships wishing to establish effective workplace programs that sustain and improve worker health.

Healthy Meeting Policies – By offering these healthy choices at workplace gatherings and events, you will be encouraging vitality and productivity while supporting workers’ interests in healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthfinder.gov – a government website where you will find information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy.

Wellness Ideas/Initiatives

Anthem Blue Cross Health and Wellness Calendar – learn about each month’s topic and the health and wellness solutions that your employees can utilize.

Kaiser Permanente Monthly Topics – follow our monthly features or develop your own calendar from our topics to motivate your employees to better health.

NWI Health and Wellness Observances Calendar – Each year, the National Wellness Institute compiles and updates a calendar of health and wellness-related holidays and observances for the benefit of members and the general public. Please use this resource as a tool for planning a healthy year!

SHRM Workplace Wellness Initiatives – This research, commissioned by and conducted in collaboration with Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota, reveals new insights about worksite wellness initiatives in the United States. The research also explores organizational commitment to wellness initiatives, return on investment related to wellness, concerns regarding the health of employees and reasons that prevent organizations from offering wellness initiatives.

Statistical Data

American Lung Association State of the Air – Riverside County’s statistics for people at risk for Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Poverty.

2013 Riverside County Death Rates – statistics on death rates due to a variety of causes, such as Cancer, Liver Disease, Diabetes complications, etc.

City of Riverside Percentage of Residents Overweight or Obese by Zip Code – statistics on Percentage of residents overweight or obese by zip code.

Wellness Program Models

Leading by Example: The Value of Worksite Health Promotion to Small and Medium-Sized Employers (2011) – Outlines actions small and medium sized employers can take to create healthier employees, and highlights new tax credits and other programs that are available to smaller businesses under the Affordable Care Act. For additional information and resources, visit the Leading by Example website.